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Staff handbooks – what are they and why do you need them?

In today’s blog we will be going over what staff handbooks are and why businesses need to make sure they have them. Firstly, what is a staff handbook? A staff handbook, which can also be referred to as an employee manual/handbook, contains a number of policies and documents which tell everything that employees need to know about working at a business.

How Explainer Videos can benefit a Business

In today’s blog we will be discussing how explainer videos can be beneficial to businesses of any size. Explainer videos can be a very important step in your business’ marketing strategy by helping your target audience really find out what your business does as a whole and what you’re trying to achieve.

One of the world’s market-leading animated explainer video companies, Wyzowl has said ...

The benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

Running a business is hard and lets be real there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything you need done by yourself. Being a business owner can involve juggling a whole load of different responsibilities and it can be tough and stressful. There are many ways to combat the number of entrepreneurial responsibilities a business owner can face day-to-day...

Hosting an event can be great for business

After being in lockdown for so long, what a relief it has been for people to be able to go to actual events again. No more needing to log into virtual events, you can now mingle and see other people… face-to-face, believe it or not! Following lockdown it feels like there’s more of a sense of community, which is lovely to see. If you haven’t already, then I ...

Positive news for startups in Wales

It’s currently an exciting time in Wales for new businesses. During the first quarter of 2022 more than 43,000 new businesses have been set up in Wales. Half were registered during March of this year alone, which is a staggering number of businesses - this research was taken from insolvency and restructuring company R3 in Wales.

An unforgettable day at the Business Mindset conference

The power of the mind should not be underestimated and peak performance coach, Mr Jim Steele, proved that in the opening minutes of his captivating Business Mindset Conference in Cardiff. The event was held in the majestic Cornerstone Arts Centre and Community Hub, a converted chapel, where Steele preached to the masses about the benefits of having a business mindset.

A vibra...

The importance of streamlining business processes

The importance of streamlining business processes 

Every business aims to be slick, efficient and agile, which is why streamlining your business processes is essential. In today’s blog we will be going through the importance of this for any sized business and also a few ways you can start to achiev...

How to use to LinkedIn effectively

Many professionals use LinkedIn everyday but not everyone does. I know myself as I have only recently been introduced to using LinkedIn and have found it profoundly eye-opening. Today we will be discussing the many perks of using it, why it is important for professionals to use, and how to use the platform effectively. Afterall, some people do say that a LinkedIn profile is no more than just an...

The importance of Public Relations

In today’s blog we will be going through the benefits of working with a Public Relations (PR) consultant, explaining why it is important for small businesses to do so, and discussing the misconception that PR consultants are only needed for big businesses.

There are many reasons why PR can be crucial to a ...

Intellectual Property and its Importance to small businesses

In today’s blog I will discuss the meaning of intellectual property and also its importance to small businesses. Intellectual property also known as IP is used to refer to anything that has been created such as; literary pieces, designs, inventions, brand names, and also musical pieces. IP is protected by law through patents, trademarks and copyrights which allows the author to have the authori...